Increase productivity with a Speed Creation session

In large and distributed companies the knowledge is spread. Experts come from different locations and subsidiaries. These experts often work in several projects simultaneously. This leads to an efficiency loss and long product development cycles. What if there is a way to get rid of dozens bilateral and specialized division workshops and preparation meetings? The approach is called approach “Speed Creation”.

by Sven Krause. The starting point is at the fuzzy front end of innovation. A rough product or software idea is here, but still it`s vague and fuzzy. At this point the experts ask: “What are your requirements and what is the impact on my field of work?” These answers don`t exist yet. An idea champion could now do the usual, that is to set up a series of meetings with each of the experts to come up with answers to the questions. A lengthy and ineffective process. Instead the idea champion can also set up a small team being led by a speed coach. For 72 hours they work on this single project without distraction. After this seed phase a feasibility study can be easily started followed by a development project that leads, ultimately, to an innovative product.

Speed creation allows an idea to gain momentum, fast and effectively

Speed Creation step by step

  1. The starting point is the product idea. The idea champion and the speed coach start the planning with the composition of a team and a jury. The latter gives the team feedback. For building the team a cross-organizational approach is necessary.
  2. At the beginning of the Speed Creation the idea is presented. After that, the team starts to specify the business model framework, the use cases as well as the requirements model. This is done in creative sessions and is documented as 80% draft.
  3. The feedback mechanism is a continuous component during a Speed Creation. Stakeholders are brought into the session in the form of a jury. At the end of the first day, experts give the team feedback, at the end of the second day, sponsors and other stakeholders do the same on the refined results.
  4. Contracts for the subsequent implementation project will be created at the end of a Speed Creation. The content from the Speed Creation is the basis for work packages.

Suitable for what purpose

Speed Creation is a business incubator. Development projects are accelerated and ensure that analyses and workshops are co-ordinated. With Speed Creation you will get 80% of business requirements in a first, quick round. In this way, the project can be quickly driven then quickly in the implementation.

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ISCA (International Speed Creation Association), Matthias Pohle and Sven Krause