What if there isn’t a product owner?

Scrum defines three roles: product owner, team, and scrum master. It is actually very simple. And for the team it’s great to have one person – the product owner – to deal with the really difficult stuff. That is the VVIP, the users and why the whole thing just will make money in the market.


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Agile IS All About Process

I regularly hear the “Agile is good, process is bad” mantra from various Agile communities. In a recent meeting on development methods one contributor even declared “process doesn’t contribute to the product so we should not put any effort into processes”.

I find this mindset rather entertaining.  It really does not need a genius to realize that the heart of any Agile method IS a rigid process definition. A lean, development  centric process but a process all the same. For example Scrum defines ways of working (backlog, prioritization, even the frequency, duration and form of “stand up” team meetings). Deliverable’s, Roles and Responsibilities are defined too.

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