About us

Markus Flückiger (linkedin, xing) works as a HCI and software engineering consultant at Zühlke Engineering AG in Switzerland. When asked about a favorite quote in respect to agile innovation, requirements and other daily hassles, Markus might reply with the following three in that order:

 “The only way to envision the future is to have lived in it yesterday“ (Bill Buxton)

“Six by nine. Forty two.” (Douglas Adams)

“Don’t panic!” (Douglas Adams)

Markus published one book in English:

  • “User-centred engineering – creating products for humans”. This book provides a comprehensible introduction into user-centred methodology and how it can be included into product development. It is aimed at people involved in software and product development – product managers, project managers, consultants and analysts, who face the major challenge of developing highly useful and usable products (springer) (amazon).

.. and two books in German:

  • “Software entwickeln mit Verstand” (can be translated with something like the brain’s perspective on software development) takes a look into problem solving, how teams work and discusses, why agile development is not such a bad thing. This book is for all those that don’t want to be just believers of the agile gurus but want to understand what’s behind all the fuss – and, for those that are fluent enough in German (amazon)
  • “Usability Engineering kompakt” (kompakt meaning really just compact) provides a good overview over all the user centred development things, again for those that are fluent enough in German. For all others, the English book “User-centred engineering” above is the first choice. (amazon)

Pete Jones (pete.jones at ieee dot org) Pete has 25 years experience in the IT Industry. His experience ranges from real-time embedded development (assembler) to process improvement associated with large scale ERP implementations.

His people centric approach to working ensures teams really understand their needs. Frequently this approach relegates most documentation to “shelfware”.

A regular at the IEEE Requirements Engineering conference series, he is a contributor to this and other requirements engineering forums.

Pete is also co-creator of starstoroad.com, a collection of development tools designed to help teams manage innovation through the development process based on the maturity of ideas.