Bill & Chuck – and how they fight ideas into the market

Let me introduce two characters, Bill and Chuck. To be honest, they are personae distilled from people you could meet. They are especially interesting because of their behavior: Instead of collaborating to let ideas compete they fight to get their ideas into the market. And sadly, they have good reasons to do so.

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Know how to shape the future

In order to create great products, know how is needed. Agile gurus talk about the cross-functional team. Have a look at this image search for cross-functional teams to see what it means. 

Clearly, it’s not quite agreed what cross-functional teams are. But it actually doesn’t matter. Much more important than having a definition of a cross-functional team is having an organization where the experts are actually working together in a productive way. Here’s a puzzle piece to achieve this: generic areas of expertise needed in a innovation project.

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Agile innovation from stars to road

Taking ideas from the stars as innovation onto the road can feel like being stomped by a heard of elephants. It’s people and trade-offs. Well, even while we’re quite a reasonable lot most of the day, we still do a few quite stupid things. Especially if interests, values, and opinions clash. Here’s an agile way to innovate.


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Collaboration – Buy or Lease?

Installment sales are great. Instead of spending the whole amount of money up-front – and save for it – you simply pay your monthly deposit. Still, someone will have to pay the interest and cover the risk involved, i.e. you, the buyer. Thus you trade the profit of having something right now with the higher costs. Did you realize, that this is an analogy to how we collaborate?

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